HowTo: Google Analytics als Custom Vendor einbiden

        * test function
        * @param string
        * @return string
        function blah(foo, blah) {
        var test = 25;


        // if foo is true then return this string
        if (foo === true) {
            return 'foo is true';
        return 'foo is false';

        $(document).ready(function() {
        $("table").on("click", "td", function() {
            console.log('td click');

Why do I even start thinking in such big pictures? We have all seen this: Beaches with plastic laying around, videos on Facebook and news sites showing the devastation plastic garbage is doing to oceans, how it is polluting Eco-systems and ourselves and destroying those parts of the world that make up for two-thirds of it, the waters.

I no longer want to put up with this and I think most of you don’t want to do it either. So please join me on this journey and let us become the movement that can make it happen! Af